ICFP 2017 Programming Contest VM

The judging environment is a virtual machine running a recent version of Debian with a selection of programming languages installed. It is available as a Virtual Box image (see below).

Take a look below for further details on instructions and default installed software. Please let us know before the contest if you would like us to install anything else.

Virtual Machine Version
Linux Debian 9 2017-08-03
Linux Debian 9 2017-07-26
Linux Debian 9 2017-07-04


Log into the virtual machine as user “punter” with password “icfp2017”. The root password is also “icfp2017”. Note that during the contest your program will be evaluated on a standard user account and will not have root permissions.

The VM comes in OVA format, which is supported by VirtualBox, VMWare and other virtualization software. The VM by default has 4GB of RAM and 2 CPUs. You can adjust these values to better match your host machine. The operating system installed on the VM is Debian 9, with no swap partition. You could add one on your own but if you really need it then this is an indication that you are in trouble — there will be a limit on memory usage during solution evaluation. Below is a list of software currently installed on the VM and available during the contest.

Programming languages and compilers