The Contest has Ended -- Thank You For Punting

07 Aug 2017

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It is time to hop off the punt and go ashore. The contest ended a little over an hour ago. We would like to thank all contestants for punting with us. We hope you enjoyed punting on the ICFP contest rivers.


Please make sure your latest submission is accessible by us, e.g. visit the Google Drive shareable link in incognito mode.

Quite a few contestants have told us that they forgot to type their shareable link along with the MD5 checksum into the submission system. In case you find yourself in this situation then you can still register your submission via the submission system. Note: We only accept this submission if the timestamp on your Google Drive submission is prior to the official submission deadline.


We will post further information regarding the evaluation of submissions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Languages powering the contest

For this contest we have used a variety of programming languages. The servers and tools were written in the following languages

Yet again, thank you punting with us!