Is Listlessness Better than Laziness?

06 Aug 2017

Hello again punters! We hope you are enjoying the contest.

New extension: Splurges

In 1984, Philip Wadler posited that listlessness is better than laziness. We would like you to help us investigate this claim!

This extension enables splurges, which allow a punter to be lazy (pass!) for n turns, and then claim a list of n + 1 contiguous rivers at once.

The rules for scoring are unaffected — but being lazy may improve your chances of building a good route!

You can find the specification here.

Lambda Duct v0.3

Earlier, we also updated Lambda Duct to version 0.3. Lambda Duct allows you to test your offline mode by relaying your moves to the game servers.

The major change from v0.2 is that v0.3 uses blocking I/O instead of non-blocking I/O.

Good luck, and happy punting!