Final results

06 Sep 2017

The winners of the 2017 ICFP contest were announced on Tuesday evening at ICFP. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, the presentation was not recorded. (A video release form was signed, but the A/V people thought it was an administrative presentation that didn’t need to be streamed or recorded!)

You can, however, watch the replays of all the games on PuntTV, and the full results are detailed below.

Ligntning contest round 3

A total of 16 teams made it through to round 3 of the lightning contest. We evaluated the punters on two large maps with the futures extension enabled.

The Edinburgh map is the largest one used for evaluation. It has 10000 rivers and 32 mines.

The ICFP coauthors map includes one site for each author of an ICFP paper who has coauthored a paper with another ICFP author. The rivers are the coauthor connections. The one mine in the large connected component represents Simon Peyton Jones.

Before running the evaluation we eliminated all punters who scored 0 on the Edinburgh map - due to timing out. This left us with 8 remaining teams. We played all teams together on both maps

Following a discussion on the mailing list we adopted the methodology in the task description rather than the one we had used in the previous rounds. The difference is that we compute ranking points across all games rather than computing ranking points by first aggregating the score across all games in a group. (The current approac is a bit more fine-grained, but has little effect on the final results and no effect on the winners.)

Here are the final results.

Team Points Score
The $ound of .\ 124 249440846
GennAI 95 26808098 89 27258506
fixstars 76 245972318
Unagi 71 25355640
code-o-matic 61 1311707
A Storm Of Minds 34 513964
AIM Tech 34 21888

The $ound of .\ and fixstars both did very well on the Edinburgh map, scoring an order of magnitude more than other teams. However, fixstars had problems with the coauthor map and so The $ound of .\ are a long way ahead.

The winners of the prize for 1st place in the lightning contest ($500) are The $ound of ..

We officially declare that OCaml is very suitable for rapid prototyping.

Full contest round 3

A total of 32 teams made it through to round 3 of the lightning contest. We evaluated the punters on four large maps.

The ICFP coauthor and Edinburgh maps are the same ones we used in the lightning contest. Vancouver is a map with 3601 rivers and 4 mines. Oxford is a map with 10000 rivers and 3 mines.

Before running the evaluation we again eliminated all punters who scored 0 on the Edinburgh map (this time with all extensions enabled)

Here are the final results.

Team Points Score
Frictionless Bananas 1053 230901103
DiamondPrincess 924 104459039
JODY HiGHROLLERS 854 56500318
The Blind Hen 827 118433150
GennAI 740 17913994
Adlersprung 734 32813674
Piggybank Software 694 98547270
Wile E. 660 80268070
Begot 614 24063869
trup16 581 20340988
A Storm Of Minds 576 23677727
code-o-matic 544 9528083
Love and Lies 423 9101316
AIM Tech 384 3963862
Lambding Snakes vs Coding Monkeys 356 92927
Olympia 328 2420547
FromRedmondWithLove 170 1037753

Frictionless Bananas always did well, coming first on the Edinburgh and ICFP coauthor maps and second on the other two, which were more resource-constrained. GennAI won the Vancouver map, just, and Adlersprung convincingly won the Oxford map.

The prize for second place ($500) goes to DiamondPrincess.

We officially declare that C++ is a fine tool for many applications.

The prize for first place ($1000) goes to Fricitionless Bananas.

We officially declare that C++ is the programming language of choice for discriminating hackers.

(The highest placed entry written using a genuine functional programming language was from The Blind Hen, who came fourth and who used OCaml.)

Judges prize

The winners of the judges prize ($500) are powder for providing us with the junction map which we used in the second round of both contests. The powder team asked us to point out that they are the developers of “The Powder Toy” game.

We officially declare that powder is an extremely cool bunch of hackers.